Spain and Portugal Destinations


Spain attracts every year millions of foreign tourists making it one the most popular tourist destination in the world. It offers anything you may desire: Madrid, one of the world’s truly great cities, Barcelona, the avant-garde and modern one, other large cities of Sevilla and Santiago and even every town and village seems to have something to offer. Beyond urban Spain, there is another to discover: the nature here is amazing and you can find nearly everything: from Alpine peaks to the amazing sea cliffs on the Atlantic coast and the beauty of the Mediterranean Sea.



While it's true that Portugal is no longer the Iberian Peninsula's best-kept secret, it's fairly easy to escape the crowds. Even at the busiest resorts in the Algarve, it only takes a short bus ride or a walk across countryside to reveal rarely visited places that still offer the feeling of discovery - a sentiment close to the Portuguese soul. Portugal has an old-fashioned charm, with medieval castles and picture-perfect villages scattered over meandering coastlines and flower-covered hillsides. From the ancient university town of Coimbra to Lord Byron's favourite Portuguese haunt, Sintra, the country's proud history can be felt everywhere. Sun-kissed beaches like Cascais and Sagres offer enticements of a more hedonistic sort. Indeed, the dramatic end-of-the-world cliffs, wild dune covered beaches, protected coves and long sandy islands of Portugal’s coastline have long enchanted visitors and locals alike. Meanwhile, the country’s capital, Lisbon, and its northern rival, Porto, are magical places for the wanderer with riverside views, cobblestone streets and rattling trams framed by looming cathedrals.